BCM‑0000‑B Battery Controller Module

BCM‑0000‑B Battery Controller Module

Mã: BCM‑0000‑B Battery Controller Module
Mô tả ngắn:

▶Two voltage outputs of 2.8 A at 24 V each

▶ Temperature-controlled charging and monitoring of batteries according to EN 54‑4:1997/A2:2006
▶ Ready to go thanks to plug-and-play technology

The BCM-0000-B Battery Controller Module monitors the power supply of the entire control panel. It controls the charging of up to four batteries (12 V/24 Ah to 12 V/26 Ah or 12 V/36 Ah to 12 V/45 Ah). The charging is actuated by temperature and time.The key has three functions, depending on the state of the battery controller module:

• The LED test of the module is activated by pushing the key.
• The key starts the charging of the batteries if the battery voltage is between 18 V and 21 V. A mains power supply is required.
• The reset of the 24 V outputs. If an error occurs, the output is deactivated.

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