Extra Low Voltage System

The light electrical system sounds simple, but it occupies a very important position in the quality of the entire project. The nature of the light electric system is electricity combined with high technology to improve the quality of experience. Therefore, modern businesses always pay deep attention to light electrical construction. Next, let’s explore what light electricity is and how important it is

What is a lightweight electrical system?
Extra Low Voltage Systems (ELV) are electrical systems that operate with low voltage. Including systems such as cameras, phones, access control, time attendance… This system brings high added value to businesses. Usually, a construction project is divided into two phases: completing facilities and implementing mechanical and electrical systems. Light electrical systems play an important role in the electromechanical section.

What is the construction process of a light electrical system?
Light electrical construction requires strict compliance with technical processes and standards. Normally, we divide into 7 main stages:

1. Construction of wall-mounted electricity
– Determine where to cut the wall
– Conduct drilling and cutting
– Thread the electrical tube
– Check and accept, then plaster the wall

2. Underground electrical construction
– After constructing floor formwork, mark the location of the intermediate junction box
– Place junction boxes and use electrical pipes to connect them
– Inspect, accept and pour concrete

3. Install cable tray system
– Determine the position of the rack
– Install cable trays, use accessories
– The cable tray will be grounded to ensure safety for the electrical system
– Install cable trays, edit and complete

4. Clear the electrical pipe and pull the wire
– Determine the length of the line
– Conduct wire pulling according to the design

5. Check wires and install equipment
– Make sure the wire is clear and not touched or short-circuited after pulling the wire.
– After completing the installation process, conduct test operation and fix any problems

6. Central cabinet
– Install central cabinet
– Power supply, complete equipment
– Check the insulation of cabinets and switchgear

7. Check the entire system
– Test operation of the entire system
– If there is a technical error, corrections need to be made
– Clean the system.
– Acceptance and handover

Ensuring the correct construction process not only helps the project be technically correct but also safe. Professional light electrical contractors will always follow the correct steps in the process. Don’t miss, don’t ignore, be meticulous in every step and don’t be afraid of problems that arise.

Light electrical system structure:
Network and telephone system (data/tel)
To connect information between the project and the outside.

CCTV system (Closed Circuit Television)
CCTV is another name for a camera system, used to observe, monitor and ensure security for buildings and industrial parks.

PA system
Short for “Public Address System” – an announcement sound system to convey information to the entire project.

Access Control System
It is an access management system at the doors and elevators of the building.

Fire Alarm System
It is a fire detection and warning system.

Intrusion system
Anti-theft and anti-intrusion system into the building. Often use Lumi sensors to easily notify via phone.

Building Management System (BMS)
It is a building management system, integrating many systems to manage the operations and status of the project.

Car Parking system
This is a system built to manage parking lots effectively and intelligently.

Intercom system
It is an internal communication system in high-rise buildings.

MATV, CATV system
The television system receives signals from the supplier.

Lighting Control System
Is a lighting equipment management and control system. Lumi has smart lighting solutions that adapt to human biological rhythms.

AV system (Audio Visual)
Is a system that links images and sounds, often used in presentations.

Conference and television sound system
This system provides sound and images, is installed in conference rooms, meeting rooms… We can easily integrate other functions as needed.

Extra Low Voltage System
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